Problem about configuring RT3.0.4

Dear All,

I have problem in configuring RT3.0.4. I installed RT3.0.4 on windows 2000
server according to the chinese manual on the web. That is, just installing
the package and it do all the things for me. But i don’t know how and where
should i set RT to able to send and receive mail. I see in some post talking
about qmail, sendmail, are they programs that i should install to set the
mail forward? i’m now using a Mdaemon mail server.

Besides, i tried to send mail in RT web interface with attachment. Then i go
to the history of the ticket i can see the message and attachment, but can’t
open the attachment. What should i do? I’m not familar with the scrips, can
anyone tell me in details.

Thanks a lot!
Ada Hui

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