Privledged user dashboard not populating

Hi I have a privileged user who was auto-created from Active Directory. The user had their name changed. Now their dashboard appears the same as an unprivileged user’s . It displays nothing but a blank template screen. The user has the highest rights I know to give. Tickets and incidents show the new username as owner along with the new email address. But when the user logs in there nothing displayed.

Circling back. I am at a complete loss. Any help much appreciated.

Could you explain more what you mean by this? Also, when you say “blank screen” do you mean 100% blank? Or are there RT elements on the page but its not showing any data? Do your RT logs give any hints?

Hi Todd,

The user is a privileged LDAP auto created user. Before the name change she had all the elements normally presented to a privileged user but now it has RT Headers and footers but not data on her tickets. She actively works queues.

Hopefully this helps with understanding.



Could you describe the “name change” process more? Saying the name changed is a pretty general statement and could mean lots of things so for someone to help I think you’ll have to provide more technical details on the process.

Did you physically go in to RT and load the user in the UI and change data? What data did you change? Perhaps the data was updated in LDAP? And then was synced to RT? What data changed there?

Also, did you look in RT’s logs?

Sorry. The user’s Active Directory information was updated after she got married, which triggered the ldap synchronization. After RT synchronized with LDAP she lost the ability to see tickets queues or incidents. I tried manually changing things around. Like manually changing her username and email address back to the original username to no avail.

So the email address was changed in LDAP. Whats probably happened is pretty straightforward: The email address was updated in LDAP, so the next time she logged in to RT with the new email address, a new account was created. RT thinks this person is two separate accounts, the old email address and the new email address.

I suspect if you log in to RT as root and navigate to ‘Admin > Users > Select’ and do two searches, one for the old email and one for the new email, you’ll see that what I describe above is the case: The problem is that RT didn’t know they were the same person and there are two separate RT accounts.

I think the solution is the RT::Extension::MergeUsers extension. I haven’t used it in a while though so you’ll want to make sure you research it and confirm it will do what you want before you actually run it on your database.

This seems like a possible solution as well if you don’t want to install an extension to merge the users. But you’d have to find the old user and update that username and email address instead of setting the new user to the old username and email address.

Thank you I will research and test.


Is there a way to update the user’s username to match her AD username. When i try to do it via the web states the names is in use.

The log only shows demo info when she logs on.
“HTML::Mason::Interp::exec(undef, undef, ‘Privileged’, 1, ‘MobilePhone’, ‘’, ‘WorkPhone’, ’ ‘id’, 1199, ‘PagerPhone’, ‘’, ‘SetEnabled’, 1, ‘Enabled’, 1, ‘Pass1’, ‘’, ‘HomePhone’, ‘’, 'Address”

Thanks again for your reply


Right, so what you have to do is load the new account first and change the username and email address to “dummy” values. Then the user id and email address will no longer be in use and you’ll be able to set the old account to the new username and email address.