Privilege questions

(RT 3.2.0, perl 5.8.3, fastcgi, apache 1.3.29)

Two priv questions:

  1. I’ve given a user ModifyTicket rights. But he still
    can’t assign a ticket to some other user. The list
    of users is supposed to appear in a dropdown list.
    The list is there, but the names of the users are blanked out!
    I seem to need to assign AdminUser rights so he can
    see the other users. This code is from /Elements/SelectUser,
    but the priv restriction seems more deeply embeded.
    Oddly the User->Id shows in the html, but not User->Name.

    Shouldn’t ModifyTicket be sufficient to assign a new owner?
    Or do we need another special priv? (TakeTicket and StealTicket
    are already assigned in this case, and all priv users
    can OwnTicket.)

  2. In my group, we don’t use Comments. We don’t want the tempation
    of writing something about a user that might be embarassing
    if it leaked. (Due to human error, of course!) I’d like
    to turn off the ability to comment, but ModifyTicket
    seems to put it back. I’ve actually modified RT
    so that ModifyTicket is not sufficient, you must also
    have CommentOnTicket (or superuser) privs.

    Anyone else interested in this?