I am having a great deal of difficulty finding a consistent method of
administrating our RT installation. First of all, the screens I go to
for “select” rights are overlapping (redundant would seem like a more
apprpriate term) in the rights allowed to x groups. For example; I have
1 RT queue with 3 different groups dealing with that Queue. When I go to
the “QUEUE” selection, I see a list of “SYSTEM” rights and “ROLES” that
confuse me since all I want to do is establish JUST what a group can do.
Secondly, when I select the group I want to deal with, I get ALL the
user-defined groups and I can see all 3 of the groups for my queue and I
only want to add/delete rights to just the one of them. What do I do? Go
to each group, change the rights, then do it all over again after I have
selected another of the 3 groups to modify and do it all again? Geeze.
What a waste of time. What’s with the everyone stuff showing up
everywhere? Can’t that just stay in a panel all on it’s own if/when I
wnat to grant a global right? This makes the use of these screens so
incredibly confusing because I never really know what dimension I’m in.
I don’t want anyone with global/system rights but my group, the one that
installed RT. After that I want a Queue for each unique set of
requestors and for each of those queues I want 3 groups, 1 to administer
(probably 1 person), 1 for support (for the programmers, etc. that will
work on the tickets), and 1 for the people allowed to send in requests -
the users if you will. That’s it. That’s all I want and I can’t seem to
get this thing to do it right. I am not stupid (although I did spend 25
years on mainframes). I was a DBA for 12 years (RDBMS) and a RACF
administrator for 6. Yet this system confuses the hell out of me. Is
there anyone out there that can list the way the priviledes should be
set for my particular scenerio and also anyone who can explain how and
when certain rights and priviledges should overrlap and when they
shouldn’t? I hope I am not asking too much because getting this done is
essential before I proliferate RT for other ogranizations. Thank you to
whomever decides to be merciful to me.



It sounds like you are new to RT. Some of the RT concepts
might be confusing at first, so be patient. I think if
you have the right attitude this e-mail list will be very
helpful to you.

Your e-mail is one giant paragraph. You might want to take
a few breaths and then send another one that is more
carefully structured so we can help you get to the bottom
of your problems.

Finally, even when you do understand RT’s right system, it
is spread out a bit and can be confusing if your environment
has lots of queues, groups, or cusotm fields. I recently
released an RT extension called RTx::RightsMatrix that can
help make more sense of RT rights management. It is on
CPAN. It’s still an early version and may have some bugs, but
it is probably worth installing.