Priority fields missing

I’m not quite sure what I did, but I no longer have the option to modify priority values (on tickets) in the interface. I was adding plugins when I noticed the issue, but removing them didn’t resolve it. Any idea what I’ve done and how to correct it?

I’m running RT 4.4.3 from the Debian 10 repo using apache and postgresql. Here’s the list of plugin’s I was playing with. All were active at one time.


Do you have any custom code in your local dir?

No - at least nothing I created. Don’t know if Debian has any customizations. It used to work I know because I have a bunch of tickets I modified the priority on. I can see them in the 10 highest priority ticket list on the home page. But when I go to edit the ticket basics, they’re no longer there to view or modify.

I was also playing with the SLA flag on queues. I haven’t setup SLA and don’t have the escalation stuff setup yet. This is pretty much a fresh install. less then 50 tickets created - most of them tests. SLA is currently off on all queues. Turning it on presents an SLA dropdown with no entries as I haven’t set anything up.

Try disabling that example theme extension

From the README for that extension:

To change the appearance of RT, you can modify any CSS files you copy from one of RT’s base themes. In addition to copying and modifying the CSS set by RT, you can add your own and even do things like hide parts of the RT UI. See static/css/example-theme.css for an example of hiding the “Priority” field.

Thank you @knation That did it! :slight_smile:

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