. Previous ticket info on Queue Change (Joe Kirby)

Joe - Have you tried this plugin yet?

I’m looking at it to control ticket flow, but it might do what you need. IT says its for version 3.8 though so I’m unsure if it will work on 4.4.x

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From: Joe Kirby kirby@umbc.edu
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Subject: [rt-users] Previous ticket info on Queue Change
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I want to move a ticket from queue A to queue B.\

I have 2 custom fields on queue B; 1 for queue name and 1 for queue number

I am trying to have a script know when a new ticket is coming into this queue and capture which queue it came from.

I have been searching the documentation with little success.

I know the sis probably easy for perl folks, which I am not unfortunately, and in the past I have ben successful when I can see an example

Can someone share if this is possible and do you have an example

Thanks in advance


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