Preventing "Pending Approval" tickets from appearing in the Queues?

Hi all,
I’ve setup Approvals using Groups as described in the wiki at .

All seems to work ok.. but I would like for users to not see tickets 

that are currently pending approval. I.e… I have users drop tickets
into the “Credits” queue… and there is users that have rights to that
queue. Then I base approvals on the Credits_Approval queue which has a
group, Credits_Approval_Grp as an AdminCC:.

Now all that process works fine, but I want to prevent an ordinary 

staff member from seeing the tickets untill someone ‘approves’ the
ticket… as you can ‘action’ a ticket right now up untill you try to
resolve it, where it then fails due to dependencies (the unresolved
approval that is pending).

Can anyone offer some advice??


Adrian Carter
Technical Manager
Leading Edge Internet

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