Prevent changing of Custom Field

To all,

I have a Custom Field that has two values, "Yes" and "No". I have 

granted “ModifyCustomField” to a certain group. When someone of that
group modifies that CF, I want to “disallow” or “stop” that update from
occuring if the ticket owner is the same person modifying the CF. Is
that really possible? I’ve been assuming that when a custom condition
checked the “NewValue”, the “NewValue” was already a fact, set in stone.
Is my assumption correct? If so, I could create a scrip to undo the
change, but that seems a bit bulky and I would prefer to stop the change
before it is completed. Any help??? Thanks.


Hi Kenn,

I don’t think that there’s an easy solution without changing RT code to
prevent the change earlier. At least I haven’t found anything about it
in the list or wiki. I have similar requirements here and solved it with
setting back the newValue to oldValue, e.g. if the user shouldn’t have
the possibility to set a combo box back to “work in progress” once he
changed it to “work done”. It’s not the best solution (and I still try
to get rid of the RT message “changed to ‘work in progress’” although
there were no visible changes for the user) but it works.

If there’s a solution to catch changes before changing the CF (like
described by Kenn), I would be interested in it too.


Kenneth Crocker wrote: