Predefined search not found

I just created two saved searches which I saved under RT System’s saved searches
so that everyone could use them. They show up under Preferences->RT at a glance
both in the left-hand menu as well as in the select box for items to add to
one’s home page. However, after adding it and the preferences are saved, it
displays an error stating that the predefined search cannot be found.

I looked in the archives and the only thing I’ve found is someone basically
saying “nevermind, it was the index.html file under local/html”. Seeing this, I
copied the index.html file from share/html to local/html replacing the one we’ve
been using. I still get the same result.

I’ve given ShowSavedSearches to Everyone globally under Group Rights to no
avail. I’ve received identical results by globally giving LoadSavedSearches to
Everyone under Queue Rights.

We’re using RT v3.6.5. Anyone know how to do this and can help me out?

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