Pre-setting custom-fields in create ticket link


I want to include a link on an external site to the create ticket interface with some field pre-set, i am able to set requestors, subject, and content without issues but customfield require an query argument like “Object-RT::Ticket–CustomField-3-Value” (url encoded as Object%2DRT%253A%253ATicket%2D%2DCustomField%2D3%2DValue).

Is there an “easier” way to pass the CustomField that i didn’t find ? I tried things like CF-1, CustomField-1, CF.{cfname}…

Hi Benoit

We send custom field data in the following manner

<input type="hidden" class="hidden" name="Object-RT::Ticket--CustomField:FooBar-76-Value-Magic" value="1" />
<input type="hidden" name="Object-RT::Ticket--CustomField:FooBar-76-Value" id="Object-RT::Ticket--CustomField:FooBar-76-Value" class="CF-76-Edit" value="Some value" />

Where FooBar is the name of the CF and 76 is the number of the CF.
Hope thats of some use