Possible to set a creator if i create the ticket via Rest API?

Hey @all,

i’m trying to set the creator of an ticket to an another email if i create the ticket via rest api. But i allways getting the error bag:

Resource id #4RT/4.2.14 409 Syntax Error

Could not create ticket.
Creator: Unknown field

Creator: user@domain.com

So is it possible to set an creator ?

Are You trying to create a ticket via web portal? I can’t modify creator data during ticket creation. Maybe You will do this by scrip? If You create ticket by rt portal, You are rt user and it might be first of condition for Your scrip.

Wouldn’t you need to either set Owner or Requestor instead of Creator (which doesn’t really exist as a field for as far as I know, unless if you’ve added a custom field to support the extra information).

I solve my problem by using the requestors field.
Anyway thank you :slight_smile: