Possible problem with function AddWatcher


I am currently having a strange problem with RT 3.8.2
I have a CGI script which connects to RT, in order to build a bridge
between our current’s system in PHP and RT.

One of the script has the job to change the requestor of the Ticket (if
we need to update the email of one of our customer, we can do it to one
place only).

Basically, the CGI script removes the Requestor of the watcher’s list
($Ticket-­>DeleteWatcher(‘Type’ => ‘Requestor’, ‘Email’=>
And then it tries to add the newest value $Ticket->AddWatcher(‘Type’ =>
‘Requestor’, ‘Email’ => ‘blabla2@bla.com’);

My problem is, if the newest email (in my exemple blabla2@bla.com) is
already registered in the RT user’s database, it won’t make the
association, however it will return a positive reply.

And it adds these lines in the RT’s History :
Fri Sep 18 12:44:57 2009 RT_System - Requestor blabla2@bla.com deleted
Fri Sep 18 12:44:57 2009 RT_System - Requestor blabla2@bla.com added

And everytime we execute the script, it will try to update the
information again, fail and add the two lines in the RT’s history.

I tried a new email address (blabla3@bla.com) which wasn’t in the User’s
DB and it worked flawlessly.

Anyone has any idea ?