Please Review this Export Script

Hi all.

I have written a little script to export an RT search as text tickets
and file attachments, but the thing is I know ridiculously little about
handling MIME objects and even less about character encoding.

I would really appreciate it if you could give this little script a
once-over and give me any pointers you think are necessary to make it
actually worth using.

eg. I’m not handling non-utf8 at all right now, perl just spits
complaints about wide characters, and my handling of mime is limited to
"if it’s plain/text or multipart/mixed then append to ticket text file,
otherwise save the content with the Filename".

All feedback is more than welcome.

Feel free to steal this script for your own use. Personally I’m using it
to archive a tiny little RT install. It’s not going to be hosted any
more, but the content needs to be accessible for reference.
Kind Regards,

Mike Peachey, IT
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Jennic Ltd, Furnival Street, Sheffield, S1 4QT, UK
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