Plain text instead of HTML in outgoing RT::IR investigations under RT-5.0.1


Seems like there are plain text versions and HTML versions of Templates in RT-5.0.1 (From GUI: Admin → Global → Templates). It seems as if only the HTML variants are in use and I’d like to configure our RT::IR instance to behave the other way round. Most importantly, I’d like send out investigation emails where each MIME multipart would be, if possible, plain text. And as an aside, we sign the outgoing mails.

What conf vars and where ( , , others) should be set?
Setting PlainTextMono to 1 appears to be way too little as it concerns attachments only.

Further digging reveals a less appetizing way forward: it looks like the admin GUI allows one to define which template each scrip uses (Admin → Scrips → Select → Modify). In theory, one may thus select the plain text version of the template where necessary (and if available). But this is a very clickety solution. Anyone with an easier one?

Hi @rtshouldberewritten

That is the first way to do. The second one ist to use (Admin → Templates → Select → Modify) to change the templates.

This way the person who is responsible for communication is able to do their job without having access to the system itself.

regads, Andre.