PHP site next to RTIR

Hi, I have a php page which I want to be able to access on the same server as RTIR is on.
I created alias in apache configuration. This is what I added into <VirtualHost> element:

Alias "/directory_with_php_page" "/opt/directory_with_php_page"
<Directory "/opt/directory_with_php_page">
        Options All
        AllowOverride All
        allow from all      

My page is in the path /opt/directory_with_php_page/page.php and I want to access it with url But when I try to access it I get error that the page can not be found and “I am inside RT” - that means RT header, menu etc. is displayed. I want it to be completely independent. Any ideas where I can configure this? I have RT 4.4.2.