Permission problem under Apache 1.3.14-3


Hi, and sorry for my english …
I have only one experience with rt 1.0.3 under RedHat 6.2 , and
everything work fine. But now, i make a fresh new install under RedHat
7. I take care about some warnings on the site of RedHat, and upgrade
Apache to 1.3.14-3. I follow the README file of the rt package 1.0.5 ,
and use “” for check if all I need is OK. The installation
seem good, i make the modification inside the “httpd.conf” for Alias and
ScriptAlias, and i restart Apache. And when i try to log on rt with a
browser, i receive the "Forbidden You don’t have permission to acces
/rt/admin-webrt.cgi on this server ". I check the logs files of Apache,
and i don’t see any problems.

I'm sure your know what kind of permissions to give at every files

in your software (i see you take care about this in the Makefile), so i
try to look in the Apache side. I take the time to browse the mailing
list to, with no result. So, if someboby have a idea …

Thank for your time …