Permission Denied

Nevermind… found it. Duh…

I forgot to check the Queue GroupRights pages…


Rich West wrote:

This has probably been covered somewhere, but I’m in a bind…

I literally just put RT2 up and live on the system, and after it
running for about 20 minutes, I was paged by a new message coming it
to the helpdesk. It was a response to an already existing ticket. I
checked the ticket, and no correspondence was there.

Puzzled, I sent in a test piece of correspondence to my #1 ticket
(doing the subject appropriately), which happens to be a test ticket.
Originally, ages ago, I created that ticket via “root”, but this piece
of correspondence was from my own account.

I received an email back with “Permission Denied” in it.


I’m guessing that the user who sent in the ticket response, which
correspondence did not get recorded, got the same message back…

Is there something, somewhere, in which I can turn on the RT1 feature
of “allow anyone to comment on any ticket” and “allow anyone to create
a ticket”? This system is in-house, and not accessible from outside
the company, so spam isn’t an issue.

Also, we do not have anything but the admins listed as “users” of the
RT2 system… never did with RT1.


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