PATCH: User AutoCreation in RT (NEW, UNTESTED)


Here’s a revised patch to which implements
LoadOrCreate() which honors $RT::AutoCreateUserInfo as a hashref which
provides defaults for any user attributes not explicitly provided by
the caller. It also adds LoadOrCreateByName() and refactors
LoadOrCreateByEmail(), making them both thin wrappers to
LoadOrCreate(). I’ve caught a few bugs since the last one, but it
seems to be shaping up well.

Also attached are patches for,, and share/html/autohandler with mostly trivial
refactoring to have them use RT::User::LoadOrCreate() and not override

I’m going to test these through next Wednesday (assuming our
daughter’s impending birth doesn’t happen between now and then =) at
which point I’m going to roll them out to production and stop paying
attention to them.

Now to finish the actual autocreation-at-login bits. =]


Jim Meyer, Geek at Large

Here’s a revised patch …

Also attached are patches …

You did it again. :wink:


Reed Loden -

Hello!On 4/7/06, Reed Loden wrote:

On Fri, 7 Apr 2006 20:08:02 -0700 “Jim Meyer” wrote:

Here’s a revised patch …

Also attached are patches …

You did it again. :wink:

Let this be a lesson – don’t attempt to switch mail clients when
you’re expecting a child thus half-distracted to begin with.

Attached, by golly. Thanks for the noodge.

Jim Meyer, Geek at Large (6.1 KB)

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