Patch to Email-Filtering


attached you’ll find a small patch to the E-Mail Interface, which is
intended to allow Mail-Plugins to change the Queue.

Reason: Our mailsystem uses amavisd-new with spamassassin to tag mails
based on the calculations of spamassassin. Every mail sent to the rt is
already processed by spamassassin. No additional run is needed, and we
want “possible” spam-mail to be sent to our spam-queue and not
Yes, I know that I could use procmail and formail to do the filtering,
but IMHO it’s less overhead to let the mailparser do it.

btw: its a quick patch, maybe it might be safer (and more compatible)
to save the “new” queeue-id in $NewSystemQueue
and set SystemQueuee only if $NewSystemQueue is valid queue, similar to
the NewAuthState.

I’ll write a filter soon, which uses this function. (Based on the
presence of “X-Spam-Flag”-Header.)


BTW: I’m now subscribed to this list, please not CC to my personal

Jï¿œrg Friedrich

rt3-patch (3.24 KB)