Passing requests - change gueue or make links

How do you implement the principle of passing requests(tickets) between

Let’s say we’ve got departments like this

  1. help-desk
  2. radio networks
  3. network operations center

Customer contacted help-desk. Help-desk is not able to resolve this so they
need to pass this request to the radio networks department. Radio department
will change for example some frequency and in order to finish their job they
need some cooperation from the NOC department. Finally the costumer needs to
be informed by help-desk about the resolution.

In every request to a different department for this specific ticket the
options are:

  1. the user will change the ticket’s queue according to a desired department
  2. the user will create a new ticket with queue according to a desired
    department and make the link (referred to by) between this two tickets

Both options have pros and cons regarding to transparency of workflow,
implementing SLAs for diff queues, number of tickets, user friendliness,
reporting demands etc…

Just need your opinions - experiences.

thanks and regards