Parsing headers to decide which Queue to assign ticket!

Hi there!

I have one email account, but with several aliases in Exchange to
determine from which location the request came ( being
the main account,,
the aliases)

The RT reads the email by IMAP from the account and
delivers it to the rt file in /var/spool/mail.

Based on that premise, I need to find out a away to move to the
respective queue, instead of going to the General Queue. Basically I
need to read the mail header and parse the “To:” and then move it to a
specific queue.

I’m trying to avoid creating more email accounts, since MS Exchange is
payed by account L (and I have 12 locations)

Best regards,

Nuno Silva

Does your Exchange server allow extensions? If so, rt-mailgate
–extension queue will automagically put mail for
into the corresponding queue. You’d then just need two addresses, one
for correspondence and one for comments, if you want to allow comment
by email; which isn’t necessary since privileged users have the
full-featured web interface.

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