Owner Issue in Basic Options

Hi RT Users,

Can anyone help me with this, please see pic in red circle for reference.

Can I put names on this options?

Hope anyone help me with this.


Yes, the user has to have the right OwnTicket on the queue where the ticket belongs. Then he will be visible in the dropdown menu.

Hi Petr_Hanousek,

Thanks for the response, I already did but unfortunately only 40 users can be seen. Is there a way to view almost 250 users or more?


Well, I don’t know :slight_smile: Assuming to be very inconvenient to scroll through 250+ users so I’ve never tried. I prefer to have ~10 items in such dropdown menus.

Yes I think of that also but i dont have a choice its the requirement of the company.
anyway thank you very much for the response.

I think I’ve found the way how to put more users in owner dropdown menu. It’s defined in file share/html/Elements/SelectOwnerDropdown. So it should be sufficient to override this by file local/html/Elements/SelectOwnerDropdown and adjust there the variable $dropdown_limit.