Own Reminder Permission


We have a setup that involves queues in which only a subset of people
can own tickets. The subset that cannot own tickets is the primary
group of requestors for that queue. A case came up today where a user
requested a ticket in one of these queues (this user cannot own a
ticket in that queue, but can see and comment on tickets), and wants
to set a reminder for herself for that same ticket.

Their name shows up in the “New Reminder” drop-down along with other
owners of that queue (I would imagine RT adds the currently logged-in
user to the Reminder list of possible owners?), but then when the
reminder is created, nothing happens. No reminder is created, no error
message is printed, the ticket display returns as if nothing changed.
I would guess this behavior is because this person cannot own a ticket
in that queue, and since Reminders are really “tickets” under the
hood, the reminder never really happened.

I’m wondering, first, whether anyone else has experienced this
problem? And secondly, is there a way (or a planned enhancement) where
I can add “Own Reminder” as another permission per Queue, which would
allow reminders to be created in a queue, but still not real tickets?
If not, what code would I have to change to implement a custom