Outgoing mail with international charecters


I have some problems getting danish charecters to work on outging mail
from RT3

I have configure this in SiteConfig:
@EmailInputEncodings = qw(ISO-8859-1 ISO-8859-15 UTF-8 us-ascii) unless (@EmailEncodings);
Set($EmailOutputEncoding , ‘ISO-8859-15’);

By doing some debuging I saw that internaly the string is convertet to
ISO-8859-15 corect from UTF-8, but when the MIME encoder is handling the
string it is converted to 7 bit and the danish charecters is messed up.

Are there any way of setting the MIME encoder to 8 bit, or am I lokking
the wrong place ?

My version are:A
Apache 1.3.26
mod_perl 1.26
perl v5.6.1

Kristoffer Larsen, kri@kri.dk