Outgoing Mail problem


rt works fine, but one thing still doesn’t work.

if i create a new ticket with me as a cc, rt will not send an automatic
answer to me.

But if i use an external address, the confirmation will be send.

The same problem if i use the comment function.

For example:

my mail adress is: user1@test.de

if i use the comment funtion

user1@test.com <- will work
user1@test.de <- doesn’t work
user1@something <- work

any hints what i can do ?

thank you in advance

axel berking

Check your RT_SiteConfig.pm for

By default, RT doesn’t notify the person who performs an update, as they

already know what they’ve done. If you’d like to change this behaviour,

Set $NotifyActor to 1

Set($NotifyActor, 0);

Axel Berking wrote: