Outbound mail sending as www-data


I am attempting to configure outbound mail for request tracker, and all messages are being sent as www-data@mycompanydomain.com instead of the email address I have specified in the CorrespondAddress, CommentAddress, SetOutgoingMailFrom, and OverrideOutgoingFrom tags in the RT_SiteConfig.pm file (I am using my work email address for test purposes). I have also set the General queue in RequestTracker to use this address as well to no avail. I set these values as suggested by this forum post: RT mailing from www-data

My instance is hosted on an AWS EC2 Ubuntu server, and uses AWS SES as its smtp server, the database is hosted on an AWS RDS instance. I am using postfix as the MTA, and apache2 as the webserver. I have successfully sent mail from the terminal, so I am pretty sure postfix and SES are working.

Is there some configuration that I am missing that would still cause mail to send as the www-data user? I can provide other sections of my configuration file if needed to help troubleshoot this issue. Thank you in advance!