Out of Office AutoReply

Don, I use this scrip filter to move suspected spam and other subject lines into a trash queue. Just insert the text you need. Description: Move SPAM Condition: User Defined Action: User Defined Template: Global Template:Blank Stage: Transaction Create Custom condition: $self->TicketObj->Subject =~ /Possible SPAM/ or $self->TicketObj->Subject =~ /Undelivered Mail/ or $self->TicketObj->Subject =~ /Delivery Status Notification/ or $self->TicketObj->Subject =~ /Delivery failure/ or $self->TicketObj->Subject =~ /Delivery Notification/; Custom action preparation code: 1; Custom action cleanup code: $self->TicketObj->SetQueue(‘Trash’); Hope this helps. Bill Chever Product Support Manager Terracotta, Inc. +1.510.915.2425