Other RT re-opening tickets we close in our RT


I found we have a vendor that also uses RT.
We had a ticket open with them, which got opened when they mailed a
password to one of our RT-maintained email-addresses and created an
autoreply which triggered an autoreply from their RT.
Now, whenever I close the ticket, I get it re-opened again by an
autoreply from their RT…

How do I get out of this?
Is there a way to have RT ignore autoreplies from its “cousins”?

Thanks in advance,

In RT_Config.pm

=item C<$ExtractSubjectTagMatch>, C<$ExtractSubjectTagNoMatch>

The default “extract remote tracking tags” scrip settings; these
detect when your RT is talking to another RT, and adjusts the
subject accordingly.


Set($ExtractSubjectTagMatch, qr/[.+? #\d+]/);
Set($ExtractSubjectTagNoMatch, ( ${RT::EmailSubjectTagRegex}
? qr/[(?:${RT::EmailSubjectTagRegex}) #\d+]/
: qr/[\Q$RT::rtname\E #\d+]/));


I imagine then, that after this you could have a scrip detect the condition,
and bail.
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