Original ticket Cc addresses (reply to all)

Hi all,

My users would like have all the original Cc addresses preserved and
reused when replying to a ticket.

Here’s an example:

Someone opens a ticket in RT by sending a mail:From: joe@domain.tld
To: rt@domain.tld
Cc: joes_boss@domain.tld

What I would like is that when a staff user replies to that ticket
from the Web interface, the Cc field automatically fills up with,
in this case, joes_boss@domain.tld.


  • Are these original Cc addresses preserved somewhere?
  • Can they easily be retrieved so that I can implement this feature?

Thanks a lot,


Look in RT_Config for $ParseNewMessageForTicketCcs
Enable this option, I think it’s what you are looking for.
Patrick LeBoutillier wrote: