Organization name; changing templates

We’d like to have something other than our organization name appear in
the subject line of messages going out. The first thing I thought of
was changing the file, but I noticed that that the
comments in $ indicate that both $rtname and $Organization
should be the DNS domain name and probably should not be changed. So
then I thought I’d go and modify the templates, but then was confused. I
tried to find documentation but the only thing I could find was POD info
that didn’t turn out to be too helpful for this particular issue. So
here are some questions:

  1. I noticed that the Autoreply template has a subject header defined,
    but that the Correspondence does not. Why is this? Both of them seem
    to have similar subjects.

  2. I noticed that when I added a Subject: header to the Correspondence
    template, the subject was indeed replaced with what I typed. Except, of
    course, for the important part – it still inserted the domain name in
    there. How do I get control over this?

  3. Why is there an “RT-Attach-Message: yes” header in Correspondence?

  4. I noticed that the POD documentation for Transaction doesn’t include
    Content. I grep’ed for this and found that there’s info in
    Transaction_Overlay (perldoc Transaction_Overlay showed the info). Is
    there otherstuff I’m missing?

  5. Is there any place to get more documentation on templates?