Oracle isssues fixed (somewhat)

Hey everyone!
So its looks like i’m up and running with Oracle 10g as a backend. Took a
lot of reading and hacking and hardcoding - but i got it done.
Better yet - both Orcale and MySQL RT instances are woking fine on the same
machine. For that i had to modify the DBI to include some checking
there. Otherwise its eaither or. Not an ideal way to do it - but it works
for now and that’s what i need to show it to the bosses.
I was also able to install RTFM and AT with the same type of hacking.

My questions is now on the speed: when i create a ticket via RT and LOCAL
MySQL - i get Time to display: 2.851136 at the bottom right.

Doing the same exact thing with the (REMOTE) Oracle version gives me : Time
to display: 3.598018

Are these latencies normal? Or do i need to tune something?

Any ideas/suggestions will be greatly appreciated…