Open Incident via API linked to IR

Hi community,

I need a flow via API to take ticket and create incident linked to the IR itself.

I’ve been reading the API RTIR documentation but did not find anything.

Hope someone can help me.


Which version of RT? If you’re on 5.x.x you can use REST2!

Yes, I am using REST2.

As the documentation provided I am using the Update a ticket, with links update endpoint but the output is empty…

Also, there is no update on the IR.


Seems to work for me:

curl -X PUT -H "Content-Type: application/json" -u 'root:password' 'http://localhost/REST/2.0/ticket/1'  -d '{ "AddParent": "3" }'
["Ticket 1 member of Ticket 3."]

What version of RT? Anything in the logs?

RT Version: 5.0.0

Nothing new in logs…


Any thoughts?

I think its a bug in 5.0.0, I tested originally in 5.0.2. you can check the change log to see if there is something about it and maybe patch it?

Yes I will patch it next week and provide feeback about this issue