Open and close email only

Hey Guys,
Is there an option or a way that I can make RT email users only when a
ticket is opened and closed? I like the idea about email, but sending on
every comment and transaction goes a little too far.

Thanks so much!

RT Admin

Hey Stephen,
Thank you for the reply.

Comments are not sent to the end user that made the original request.

Right… but it seems that comments are being sent to all the other users.
For example, I have ten people that are using the system and when a
comment is made on a ticket, it email the comment.

Therefore, if you only do comments during the process then when the
transaction is closed the user will be notified. In addition, you
can have the automatic notification in place so that they get
emailed when they open the transaction.

Right… what I want to do is have the an email sent to all users that
belong to the particular queue when the ticket is opened and when it is
closed. I don’t want comments to be mailed.

In the members email option I see:
Queue members

Send email notification of each transaction
Send copies of all correspondence
Send copies of all comments

Which none are really what I am looking for.

Does that make sense?

Thanks a lot!