Open Access FAQ lists


We’ve recently installed RT and I must say I’m quite impressed with it
… and am about ready to replace TrackSolve with it on our website.

One thing I’m trying to do which I can’t quite work out - is how to
allow read only access to certain RTFM channels without the need for a
manual login / etc

Ideally we’d like our customers to be able to search the existing
knowledge base without needing to have an account in the support
system, and then only if they can’t find an answer open a ticket …
whilst I don’t expect them all to search first, it would be nice if it
were there so they could / etc

Just to complicate things, I don’t want them to be able to see all the
queues available under RT (as I can if I’m logged into as

Is this something that’s currently possible, or is it likely to be a
dev project ?

I’ve tried playing with various permissions, but I can’t get a test
guest account to see anything more than the Self Service pages and no
access to the RTFM articles so far :frowning:

Kindest Regards

Jon Morby

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