One-Time Cc or Bcc Not Allowed to reply

Hi Everyone,
Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on what rights we would need to use so that a one-time Cc or one-time Bcc can reply to the message they were included on for the given ticket.
Is there any way to set it so that the one-time Cc or one-time Bcc follow the same rights as the Cc role? Or can we add those two as options to the role choices when setting rights?

Just looking for other options verse just setting the everyone role to have rights to reply to tickets.

Thanks in advance.

I think the play would be to create a custom role to grant rights to “OneTimeCcBcc” since you don’t want these users to be added as requestor a right?

Then you’d create a new scrip that runs on reply, and adds any one time Cc/Bcc to this custom role

Thanks for the replay KNation.
Yes, making them a request is one option I thought of. Or having the technician use a child ticket for the request they are sending the one-time message for.
What is happening is a user requests access to something and the technician is sending a one-time message to the supervisor asking for their approval to the request, but because they are not on the ticket, their response is blocked.

If you make a custom role called something like OneTimeCcsAndBccs and grant it rights you can create a scrip like this:

Custom action prep:

my @CcBcc = ();

if ( my $attachment = $self->TransactionObj->Attachments->First ) {
    push @CcBcc, map $_->address,
        Email::Address->parse( $attachment->GetHeader('RT-Send-Cc') );
    push @CcBcc, map $_->address,
        Email::Address->parse( $attachment->GetHeader('RT-Send-Bcc') );

# only return true if some values were found
if ( scalar @CcBcc ) {
    $self->{'OneTimeCcBccToAddToRole'} = \@CcBcc;
    return 1;

Custom action commit:

my @emails = @{ $self->{'OneTimeCcBccToAddToRole'} };

my $custom_role = RT::CustomRole->new( RT->SystemUser );
my ($ret, $msg) = $custom_role->Load( 'OneTimeCcsAndBccs' );
unless ( $ret ) {
     RT::Logger->error( "Could not load custom role 'OneTimeCcsAndBccs': $msg" );

foreach my $email ( @emails ) {
    ($ret, $msg) = $self->TicketObj->AddRoleMember( Type => $custom_role->GroupType, User => $email );
    RT::Logger->error( "$msg" ) unless $ret;

return 1;

It looks like part of the Custom action commit got cut off. Any chance you can re-copy that ?

Looks like its all there

Thanks. I just shared this with some colleagues and they are seeing a scroll bar that I’m not seeing.
Thanks again for you help.