OnCreate Script not firing on new queue

Hi folks,

I’ve created a new queue and need it to fire off a new auto-reply for the creation of a ticket.

I created the template(say Foobar) which is basically a copy/paste of another working template but replacing the hours of operations and a few other service level details.

I then created a scrip that is OnCreate Notify Requestors Foobar. Everything looks exactly as my other queues, but for some reason when I create a new ticket, either through the email I’ve attached to the queue OR through the RT UI, the scrip doesn’t fire.

It should create a transaction with “The RT System itself - Outgoing email recorded” and actually send the email.

The transaction doesn’t appear. The email isn’t sent. In the rt.log for the SendEmail.pm it says:
[Thu Sep 15 15:00:30 2022] [info]: <rt-5.0.1-30196-1663254030-945.19577 -175-0@nosm.ca> not sending to sometestemail@somewhere.edu, creator of the transaction, due to NotifyActor setting (/opt/rt/sbin/…/lib/RT/Action/SendEmail.pm:902)

(I’ve sanitized the above error to remove the actual email address, but that email address is the one that sent the email that fetchmail handed to RT)

I’ve looked this up and if I’m understanding this correctly, this is a setting in the Site_Config that prevents RT from sending emails to the person acting upon the ticket, as we assume the person doing the action knows and doesn’t need to be notified. We have this setting set so this shouldn’t happen, but… OnCreate the “actor” is the requestor… this has never done this before, but this may be the first queue I’ve created since our RT5 upgrade… Bug? Am I missing something?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


First thing to confirm is if you use a different email to request the ticket, does the notification get send out?

If it does, have you changed the NotifyActor setting recently? If so, did you do it in the filesystem based config file or in the RT5 admin web UI? In RT5 the web UI and its underlying database override the local config file by default (which is a bit of a pain - we hacked it to turn that off!), so you might find you think you’ve disabled the setting by editing your local RT_SiteConfig.pm when you haven’t due to different config locations.

Thanks for your reply GreenJimII,

The email address does not matter. Regardless of where I send an email in, when it creates a ticket via email RT doesn’t create the OnCreate Notify Requestors transaction and when I dig into the log it references the NotifyActor setting.

Our NotifyActor setting is set to 0. by the default RT_Config.pm

We have not updated this in 10+ years.

Up until this new queue (and still currently on all the other queues), when an email created the ticket, the autoreply works as expected. But this new queue, when the ticket is created via email, the autoreply scrip doesn’t result in a transaction.

I’ve looked at the RT Configuration page and it lists NotifyActor = 0 on that page. I see there is an edit button, but I assume if it’s showing me 0, that is what it’s doing?

I’m baffled as to why all the other queues(we have 7-8) are doing what we want, but this new queue doesn’t…

Thanks for any input. I am looking into ways to turn up logging to see if I can see anything else…


I would start by using a tested template, in case there is something wrong with the new one you created. As far as I know, a scrip does not commit, if code fails to execute. In our case, your actions and condition are predefined in the software, so the last thing to check is your custom template. If I were you, I would also enable debug logging in the RT configuration, to get a more detailed explanation on the problem.

Set($LogToSyslog, “debug”);