On Status Change send email with template to a specific email

Hi everyone,

So I have the next scenario:

On a certain status, I want to send an email to a specific email address, using a template, but I don’t want that email address to be added as Cc, I just want to send that email using a template and after this, that person to be deleted from Cc or something like that.

I was thinking to a solution:

  1. Create one script to add that email to Cc when the condition is True
  2. Execute the scrip to Notify Cc
  3. Create a script to delete that email from Ticket Cc

I want to know if there is a better solution to this.

Thank you,

You can create a custom action that uses the NotifyGroup Action Module. If you are on a new enough version of RT you can go to Admin->Global->Actions->Create and create the custom action from from the web UI. You would just put the email that you want to send to in the ‘Parameters to Pass’ input field. Then you can create a normal script with your condition this custom action and your template.

Thank you @knation, It’s working like a charm.

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