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Using RT 3.6.1. I am trying to reduce the number of emails an admin CC receives when an RT ticket is commented on and marked as resolved. Currently, I have two Scrips setup that are related to this: “On Resolve Notify AdminCcs as Comment with template Resolve with Ticket Content” and “On Correspond Notify Requesters, Ccs and AdminCcs with template Correspondence”.

Here is how we mark tickets as resolved:

  1. Open specific ticket and choose “Resolve” link (top right).
  2. Change the “Update Type” to “Reply to requesters”.
  3. Key text in “Message:” section. and click on the “Update Ticket” button.

This generates two emails to the admin cc’s of the queue. One, for the resolution. The second one contains the correspondence. I want to somehow combine these two emails into one when these steps are followed.

At times, users will just click “resolve” and then “Update Ticket” without keying in correspondence. That generates just one email; which is fine.

I hope this makes sense. I would appreciate any suggestions on this.


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We accomplished this by modifying the Resolve template to include the 

comments made during the “Resolve” transaction. Attached is a document
with our version of the “Resolve” template. If you create your own
version, be sure to modify the scrip to point to your new template.


Shannon Adams wrote:

Resolved_Template.txt (2.22 KB)