On owner change, notify an owner's alternate email address


Using RT 4.4.0. I’m trying to understand the best (only? proper?) way to send an email to an alternate email address on ownership. So if I am assigned a ticket, I want a secondary email of mine - not listed currently in RT - to get an email telling me of this. The intent is to integrate with a proprietary IM system which can send notifications on emails. I have a scrip and template which notifies a group email on ownership change, but do not have any logic other than the queue it is tied to.

Now what I want is to get more granular, so that if Alice is assigned a ticket, her alternate email address gets a message, and if Bob is assigned a ticket, his alternate email gets a message, but not both any time something changes for either of them. Again, these email addresses are not in RT. I suppose I could add them as custom fields, or just hardcode them into the template.

Is there some logic I should add to the existing template, or make a new template, or something else?



If these alternate email addresses are not in RT, how will you let RT get them? That’s probably the first question you need to answer, and yes, you could put them in user custom fields.

Once you have the alternate email addresses in RT, you’ll probably have to craft a Perl template (or possibly templates if you need multiple scrips with different flows) to implement whatever logic you want. In the Perl templates you can look up the users associated with the ticket object and then custom fields attached to those users to extract the alternate email addresses.