On Correspond notification only for owned tickets

I’m using a pretty simple 4.4.2 setup. There is only one queue, with a few users designated as AdminCc watchers. The way our scrips are configured, AdminCc watchers are notified for On Create and On Correspond conditions. That means they are copied on every email reply to every ticket, regardless of ownership. I want to make it possible for a user to get notified only for email replies to tickets they own, but also continue to get notifications for new tickets.

To do this do I need to create a custom role, and then create actions for that role that can be used in new scrips? What is an Entry Hint for a custom role? How does a custom role get added to a queue, so it will appear with the AdminCc and Cc choices for watchers?

Is there a better way to accomplish this? I want users to have a choice of whether they will receive notifications for every ticket or just for those that they own. Otherwise I would just disable the OnCorrespond(AdminCCs) scrip and replace it with one for owners.


I did some testing to convince myself this would work and then created the custom role. It seems to be doing what I want. I still don’t know what an Entry Hint is for a custom role but I suspect it’s just an artifact from using the same form to create custom roles that is used to create custom fields. It’s probably harmless. And once a custom role has been created there is an additional tab to select it for use in a queue.