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Not sure where this relates to RT, but…

By default exchange 2007 requires SSL/TLS connections, which will be on
port 995 for POP3. I have no clue if fetchmail supports this, check the
setup. Alternatively you can loosen the default settings in Exchange to
allow plain text connections via the usual port 110.


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Subject: [rt-users] Exchange 2007 and Fetchmail

I've recently upgrade to Exchange 2007 from 2003 and am having

issues with logging into our mailbox using fetchmail via POP3. I am
able to telnet into the server via POP3 and log in but when fetchmail
tries it it says bad username and password. I was wondering if anyone
would know if it was an issue with certifcates, that are now an
important piece with Exchange, or if it’s a special setting on fetchmail
that I have to use.


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