Odp: Re: RT queue name


            I am not sure. An RT entry  in sedmail  aliases file seems 

to be like:
rt-mail: “|/opt/rt3/bin/rt-mailgate --queue ‘Queue name’ --action
correspond --url http://my.rt.domain/”.

As for e-mail address I agree - it must contain ASCII characters only with
some exceptions imposed by RFC( I don’t remember exact number)
but what about the queue name ? As it is in apostrophes, then at least
spaces are allowed, I suppose. And what about other more exotic
characters ?

Best regards


“chenran” chenran@bj.china.com
2007-06-22 10:12

    Do:     <rt-users@lists.bestpractical.com>, "Mariusz Stakowski" 

Temat: Re: [rt-users] RT queue name

My RT needs sendmail to transfer mail to it.
So if I use special characters in queue names,
there will be problems in /etc/aliases.----- Original Message -----
From: Mariusz Stakowski
To: rt-users@lists.bestpractical.com
Sent: Friday, June 22, 2007 3:39 PM
Subject: [rt-users] RT queue name

                            Hello list, 

            I would like to create some new queues in our RT. And I 

have a question concerning the format/limitations of a queue name :

  1. Can queue name contain spaces ?

  2. Can it contain local characters (for example existing in Polish
    alphabet ?)
    3 How long could be queue name string ?

                             I have looked for the answer among others 

in RT Essentials, but I have found only advice to avoid special characters
in queue name.

Best regards



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