Odd RTFM issues

I have a couple odd issues to do with RTFM, which just may be something
odd I’m missing.

The module itself seems to work fine, logged in I can search through
articles and read them, but even when I set read access to everyone to a
class, when you go to the /NoAuth/RTFM index, nothing lists at all in
the class drop down list. Not sure what I’m missing, guessing it’s some
form of permission but not sure what, I’ve set SeeClass and ShowArticle
on Everyone for the class I’m testing with.

The other issue I’ve encountered with it, is the Modify Group Permission
panel in the class administration. While I can add permissions through
it to a group, it fails to remove any permissions, dying with:

System ErrorRights could not be revoked for RT::FM::Class

Anyone know what I might be missing on the first part?