Odd problem with RT customization

Hello all,

I’m getting some strange behavior here that I can’t explain and that
I’ve never seen before.

I’ve made a copy of Templates_Overlay.pm - it’s called
Templates_Local.pm and its in my local/lib/RT directory. I’ve made a
small mod to the file.

The odd thing is, I’m getting inconsistent behavior in the web
interface. Just by refreshing the same page (admin global templates)
I can see via the RT log that sometimes my modified code is executed
and sometimes the original code is executed.

This is RT 3.4.2, Apache 1.27 (SSL), mod_perl 1.29, mysql 4.022, RHEL 3

Any ideas why my local copy of the code isn’t consistently picked up?
I should add that I have completely stopped & started apache, and
that I’ve made many modifications to other .pm files before without
having this problem.

Stephen Turner
Senior Programmer/Analyst - Client Support Services
MIT Information Services and Technology (IS&T)