Numeric ids


Is there anyway to get a logon to RT with a numeric id.

I have looked at some threads discussing this:;#34013;#57938;#26803;#49768

All our students have numeric ids (9 digit number) and we are using
LDAP authentication.

I can probably store the username as their email address, and then
(numeric id) as suggested in one of the threads. Buy where do I make
this change.
Also, I suspect that I will then try to bind to my LDAP with an email
address, rather than UID,
which wont work.

I have looked at and I can force through autocreation
of an account with numeric id on a test system, but cannot get this to
logon by LDAP. has some code (sub Load) that looks
like it could be
changed. Again, I do not know the side-effects of changing things here.

Any ideas/pointers, or even just someone telling me that this is not
supported at all would be good.

Jason Doran