Number of Tickets per User

I’m currently working on RT Dashboards for management reports.

I have the following challenge:
I need a feature for my dashboard that returns every user owning at least one ticket and the number of tickets he owns.

Matt owns 0 tickets
Jake owns 2 tickets
Karen owns 8 tickets

Result should be:
Jake 2
Karen 8

Any hint on how to accomplish this is greatly appreciated!

Currently I open every queue, sort by owner, count the tickets by hand and add them to an Excel file.
That’s not something I want to keep on doing :wink:

Best regards,

– Update –
I’m able to perform the requested operation by creating a search for every ticket != resolved and going into “Chart” and selecting “Group by owner”. The resulting chart is exactly what I’d like to embed in my dashboard. But how?

– Update 2 –
I was successful!
On the chart sub-menu you can save the chart as root. This saved chart shows up for the dashboard along with the saved searches.