Hi all.

Although I’m still struggling to upgrade my 2.0.15 instalation to 3.0.x version, I need to keep the “older” version up and running meanwhile…

Now, the issue.

I need to send a notification to all elements of a group whenever there is a “new” ticket on “their” queue:

If it is a new ticket, directly opened in their queue, a simple “oncreate notify all watchers with template newticket” does the trick (all queue users are “CCs” of the queue). Don’t argue, it works :slight_smile:
The problem is when the ticket comes from another queue.
I already have the “OnQueueChange” scripcondition (from the contrib)… but afaik, if I do something like “onqueuechange notify all watchers with template newticket”, I’ll notify the “Old” queue, not the new one, right ?

How do I notify the “new” queue ? Is there any “NotifyNewQueue” scripaction available ?

Thanks in advance,

Paulo Pinto

hi al,

you might want to take a look at

you’ll find the mentioned scrip action here:

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How do people handle auto escalation of tickets after a set period of
time. Is there anything in RT with granularity for doing this ? I’m using