Notifying Owners and AdminCcs without duplication when Owner is also AdminCc

I looked for contributed code or previous e-mail messages about this,
but didn’t come up with much, which makes me wonder if this is not a
common situation and therefore that I might be doing something "wrong"

For any of my queues, the set of people who need to be in the loop on
everything and the set of potential owners in that queue generally
overlap 100%.

However, there’s always a chance that there would be an owner who isn’t
in the AdminCc list, and as things grow here I can imagine a time when
we won’t want to have all potential owners for a queue also be AdminCcs
for that queue, just to cut down on the amount of chatter people have to
see by mail. Given that, I generally notify Owner and AdminCcs with two
scrips. For example, for comments:

On Comment Notify Owner as Comment with template Admin Comment
On Comment Notify AdminCcs as Comment with template Admin Comment

This avoids the Owner missing things if he is not an AdminCc. But the
downside is the Owner gets duplicate mails if he is an AdminCc.

How do you all deal with this? Do you not notify the Owner, but only
the AdminCcs? Do you just put up with the dupes?

Would a “Notify Owner and AdminCcs” ScripAction solve this problem?

For the way we work, it would work to have the Owner implicitly be an
AdminCc, and then I could drop the Notify Owner scrip – but I realize
that would probably not be a good change in RT since others have
different workflow.