Notifying owner of new content

I have a situation where I have more than one person logging into the RT
system as the same user. This is so this group of users can see what
tickets are assigned to them.

The issue appears to be that when the owner of that ticket updates the
ticket, the content does not get sent back to the owner of the ticket.
This means other users in that group do not see the update.

Is there a way to force RT to email the owner of the ticket on each
content update? Even if it is the owner himself who updates the ticket?

I have tried adding scrips for this, but it does not appear to update
the owner making the update in any case.

Thank you.

Chance Ervin

Level II Support & IT Manager

Intelenet Communications

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Hi Ervin;
You need to look at NotifyActor in RT_Config or RT_SiteConfig
However If I may suggest the idea of having multi users using the same
login is not a good one …
Better if you have a queue for you group members and make a defined
search for tickets in their queue …
Just an idea
Good luck
Chance Ervin wrote: