Notifying CC'd users when a ticket is created

I’m trying to figure out how to handle notifying people who are in the CC field when a ticket is created. If the ticket was created from an email and the CC list was parsed out of that email then those people would have received a copy of the message already. (And sadly if they reply they’ll create new tickets, but that’s a different issue.)

But if the ticket was created from within the RT web interface then as far as I can tell users in the CC list will not receive any notice. They will see any further ticket correspondence, of course.

If I could determine how a ticket was created in a scrip condition, I could make something that notifies CCs on creation, I guess. Doing that for all ticket creation seems to be a recipe for loops and other bad things, though, so restricting it to tickets not created via email would be essential. I’m not not sure if that’s actually possible.

Teaching people not to put anything in the CC field when creating tickets from the web interface, or at least teaching them to expect that those people won’t see any notice of the new ticket, is another possibility but the situation then seems pretty suboptimal.

How do others handle this?

How do others handle this?

I have also asked this question:

I guess this is fixable with a new Scrip, but I think it is a really
strange that this is the default behaviour.